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  1. English Translation of “tzigane” | The official Collins French-English Dictionary online. Over , English translations of French words and phrases.
  2. RAVEL TZIGANE. CORNERSTONE LESSON RAVEL. Professor Hagai Shaham explains the many topics of this genial composition, showing the parts which mostly express the typical Hungarian romantic style. He teaches how to achieve the proper expression of the piece, which is very much demanding regarding the strength of sound and tension.
  3. [ –85; ‹ F tzigane, prob. ‹ Hungarian cigány, akin to G Zigeuner, Romanian ţigan, Serbo-Croatian cȉganin, Bulg tsíganin, all ult. ‹ MGk (a) tsínganos, earlier athínganos member of a heretical sect of .
  4. Define Tzigane. Tzigane synonyms, Tzigane pronunciation, Tzigane translation, English dictionary definition of Tzigane. n a. a Gypsy, esp a Hungarian one b.: Tzigane music.
  5. Larsen Tzigane: Directly inspired by Ravel’s Tzigane and so delivering a richly smooth, saturated, sound with an overlay of sensual warmth. Rapidly played in and eminently playable with excellent focus and projection. A mellow accompaniment for the brighter to neutral sounding instrument.
  6. TZIGANE! Création et chorégraphie: Petia IOURTCHENKO Mise en scène: Johanna BOYÉ Avec: Petia IOURTCHENKO, Maxim CAMPISTRON, Alissa DOUBROVITSKAÏA, Cécile JOSEPH, Mary LANDRET, Simon RENOU Kevin SOUTERRE, Angélique VERGER.
  7. Tzigane should have been premiered 30 or more years ago at least. It does not fit in with modern Frenchness of definedness, exhibiting qualities of romantic violin concerti and appropriating from a culture that is the opposite of what French music should be.
  8. The Hungarian derives from Byzantine Greek τσιγγάνος (tsingános, “Gypsy"). Cognate to Italian zigano and Spanish cíngaro. More broadly, also cognate to German Zigeuner, Italian zingaro, Portuguese cigano, Polish Cygan, Czech Cikán, Russian цыган.

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