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No Religion


  1. Dirrección de Fotografia: Bleand Style Pictures,Inc Estudio: Bleand Style Recordings, Inc Postproducción: LAM STUDIO by @llarodmontero Produccion musical: .
  2. metal and electronic. 13 Tracks. Followers. Stream Tracks and Playlists from No Religion on your desktop or mobile device.
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  4. No Religion; Just God is an analytical composition written by Gus Martinez based on factual history proving that religion has divided humanity. that in fact there are more similarities within the major three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, than there are differences.
  5. No religion ever teaches to spread violence and discrimination. There is not a single religion in the world that doesn’t believe in peace, love, and harmony. People created a religion to bring people together and live in an understanding that everyone is equal. We can’t blame religion for the state of humanity we’re in right now.
  6. No Religion Lyrics. [Intro] Yeah, that's right! [Verse 1] My raps scare the fuck outta people, but I'm just misunderstood. But if you were to listen real good. Then you wouldn't mistake me for.
  7. The term anti-theist says, “I think religion is harmful.” It also implies some form of activism that goes beyond merely advocating church-state separation or science education.
  8. For hundreds of thousands of years — nearly all of human history — we had no definitive answers to some of the biggest existential questions we could formulate. philosophy and religion.

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