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Coward By Name


  1. Cowardice definition, lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. See more.
  2. The English surname Coward (as in Noël Coward), however, has the same origin and meaning as the word "cowherd". Military law [ edit ] Acts of cowardice have long been punishable by military law, which defines a wide range of cowardly offenses, including desertion in face of the enemy and surrendering to the enemy against orders.
  3. A coward is afraid of lots of things that aren’t scary at all. They’re usually just wimpy little kids. An example of a coward is Tyler tegesharnuazar.xyzinfo Joseph, the singer from twenty one pilots is a big fat coward.
  4. Pamela Hayden " Coward " (real name not known) is a boy in Bart 's class at Springfield Elementary School. When Bart declares war on Nelson, the Coward joins Bart's army.
  5. The Coward family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between and The most Coward families were found in the UK in In there were Coward families living in Lancashire. This was about 23% of all the recorded Coward's in the UK. Lancashire had the highest population of Coward families in
  6. The Coward Family Tree. It is important to remember that there is no single Coward family tree, as last names were assigned to people for various reasons. We are often asked, How common it is for Coward siblings to have the same first name? and you might be surprised at the answer. Best Tree Collections for Discovering Coward Ancestors.
  7. See definitions of coward. Advertisement. coward (n.) "one who lacks courage to meet danger or shrinks from the chance of being hurt," midc., from Anglo-French couard, couart, Old French coart"coward" (no longer the usual word in French, which has now in this sense poltron, from Italian, and lâche), from coe"tail," from Latin coda, popular dialect variant of cauda"tail" (see coda) + -ard, an agent noun suffix .
  8. Coward is a name for a tender of cattle. The name is an adaptation of the Old English word cuhyrde, of the same meaning. It derives from the roots, cu, meaning cow, and hierde, meaning herdsman.

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